"Int. CH. Ivan vom Big Sky CD, CGC,

OFA Hips Fair, Elbows Normal, DM N/A carrier

Ivan achieved 3 V1 show ratings over the weekend of 8/28/10 giving him a new title of International Champion!! Congratulations to my 4th generation Home Bred boy!!



Ivan vom Big Sky was born July 31,2004, in the picture above he is 7 1/2 months of age. Ivan is a beautiful black and reddish tan male. After loosing his grandfather Tell vom Big Sky SchH 1, BH, CGC,OFA , I went to a daughter of Tells that I had kept breeding rights on,Addie vom Big Sky Certified Therapy Dog,RN,CGC, OFA and a male that had come from my kennel of different lines SG Graf Bavo vom Bergweiller SchH 3,BH, CD, U-CD, WD,OFA.(UPDATE! Bavo turned 15 years old on November 22, 2008!!)The resulting litter has given me Ivan. Ivan is already 25 1/2 " at the wither and weighs approximately 80 lbs. Ivan has a fun personality, he loves to retrieve most anything and play tug. He is good with people, horses and seems fine with other dogs. I will be changing pictures as Ivan grows.But lets back up some and look at some of his baby shots.

Here Ivan is pictured at approximately 8 weeks of age.We are out on one of our daily walks and he is watching his sister, Tiva, (who I raised several weeks for my son)and is ready to pounce. 
Here he is at 4 months of age out on a walk again. He is getting big and quite full of himself.
Ivan, at 7 1/2 months of age, on one of our daily treks up the mountain. The first 10 minutes or so he will bring me a stick to throw for him or play tug with. Ivan has learned to out the stick on command. He also will heel for a ball, do an automatic sit, down, and shakes hands. He learns quite easily. I really should try to title him, but so far Ivan is for loving. He fills a big void being his lineage boasts a combination of most every dog I had bred except my black dog, Baron. Below is a head shot of Ivan at 7 1/2 months. 


Ivan is now 10 months of age, this picture of him was taken a couple of weeks ago. He is such a happy dog, always ready for a game of tug or fetch but seems to be content to lay around most of the time. At night when my husband is home he does pester him to play but Scott doesn't seem to know how to say no, so Ivan takes advantage. He is now approximately 26" at the shoulder. He has a lean look to him but certainly not a scrawny dog,and he is very agile for a big boy. His coat is thick, shiny and soft with such a healthy feel. Ivan is on basically a raw food diet. 


The above picture Ivan is now 16 months of age and out for a romp in the first snow of the season in 2005. He has grown more and now if my tape does not decieve me he is 26 1/2" at the wither. He still needs to fill out altho it does not show in the picture. He is still full of himself and his favorite game is playing stick. He can do a beautiful hold and bark for any stick as well as out and heel fairly nice for it. I continue to keep Ivan's training at a minimum he is perfect for me as he is. 

Below are some pics of Ivan with my granddaughter Rylie.

A kiss for Rylie! Playing chase! Christmas 2006!!

The other day as I was cleaning out a shed I found my old sleeve. It was all dirty and had cob webs inside of it. I cleaned it off and came out of the shed with it on. Ivan and Tiva were doing whatever dogs do as you work, I slapped the sleeve to see what their reaction would be to it. They both ran at me and were on it in a flash. Below are some pics I had to get of Ivan on the sleeve and doing a hold and bark, which he already knew for a stick.To see Tiva click her name to go to her page.

ivanbite.jpg ivancarry2.jpg ivanhb2.jpg ivanbite2.jpg

Ivan at training

ivantrain.jpg ivanwatch2.jpg ivanpull.jpg ivanmar.jpg ivanbite3.jpg ivanrunaway.jpg ivanfuss.jpg

Ivan 3 years old

An old friend talked me into breaking Ivan out and getting a AKC Companion Dog title on him. I had done some heeling with him, so decided to give it a try. I had a week or so to decide if I wanted to enter the 2008 June shows in Missoula, Montana the closest show to where we live. I decided he could do it, and we had about 3 weeks to train for the show. Ivan aced all three days with one third and two second place ribbons! Not bad for a country bumpkin'!!

Below are a few more pics of Ivan at the show!

stand2.jpg recall.jpg ivanjudge.jpg group.jpg

Here Ivan is watching my grandkids totally destroy their (the dogs) swimpool for cooling off, in the late spring of 2009.

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Ivans pedigree below.

SG Graf Bavo v Bergweiler SchH 3, Kkl2 BH,U-CD,CD,WD OFA

Tino v Beilstein SchH3,FH,IP3 "a" (23x SchH3) V Yasko von der Ruine Schorain SchH3 "a"
Susi v Beilstein SchH1 "a"
SG Vara v Luckenroth SchH 1 "a" SG Timmo v Oberwiesenweg SchH3,FH
SG Orla v Luckenroth SchH1, "a"

Addie v Big Sky Certified Therapy Dog,RN, CGC OFA

Tell V Big Sky SchH1,BH,CGC,OFA (excellent) SG1 Desert Storm v Ricmar TT, OFA (SG1 1992 Seiger Show adult class)
Schutzengel v Big Sky BH,CD,TT,OFA "ANKE"
Abby v Big Sky OFA V Fanto v Tankgraben SchH3,IPO3, "a"( V Cello Romerau son)
SG Inka vd Tomgrube SchH1, "a"