Wache v Bullinger CGC, OFA

Wache (Pronounced Voxie) is pictured above with his owner Marianne Peck, a Canadian Import from the well known Bullinger Shepherds in Aldergrove B.C., Canada. Wache is the son of VA Kevin Murrtal SchH3 and V1 Weezy v Bullinger SchH3, pictured below. Kevin has gone VA in 4 countries, Germany, Austria, USA, and Canada. He was the 2004 USA Sieger, Canadian Sieger and North American Sieger!

VA Kevin Murrtal SchH3 KKl1 "a" normal V Weezy v Bullinger SchH3 Kkl1 "a" normal

Wache is also grandson to World Sieger VA1 Rikkor v Bad-Boll and VA3 Esko v Danischen Hof !

VA1 Rikkor v Bad-Boll SchH3, FH1, Kkl1 "a" normal VA3 Esko v Danischen Hof SchH3 Kkl1 "a" normal


Wache is a young male just turning 3 years of age in May 2008. He has a very stable temperment and is at ease in any setting. Below are few pics of Wache working and another standing shot.Click the small pics below to make larger!

wache5.jpg wache6.jpg wache7.jpg wache.jpg

For a picture pedigree of Wache CLICK HERE!