Big Sky Shepherd's
Sale's Contract and Guarantee
P.O.Box 565
Superior, Mt. 59872
Phone: (406) 822-4006 ---

Upon reciept of the amount of $__________, from new owner named below, I Nancy Tremblay, Owner/Breeder of Big Sky Shepherds, hereby guarantee this German Shepherd, identified by - Tatoo number ______________ sold on ______________ Registration as follows:

1. That I, Seller, am in good standing with the AKC and that registration papers will be provided:


B)______Upon their return from the AKC.

C)______Upon full purchase price.

2. That the above described animal may be returned, in the same physical and mental condition, to Seller within a 48 hour period if found unsatisfactory to Buyer. Buyer will assume full responsibility for the care and well being of this animal, as he/she is no longer in my immediate care or direct control, or Seller will be relieved of refunding the purchase price. Seller retains the right to evaluate the puppy for a period of 24 hours before purchase price is refunded.

3. I further guarantee the above described animal for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase, against it's death due directly from a veterinarian's diagnosis of congentital disease.

4. In addition I guarantee the ears will stand.If ears are not standing by five (5) months of age, Buyer must notify Seller so ear taping can be done at least two (2) times, or this portion of the guarantee is VOID.

5. I Seller, hereby guarantee the above described animal up to twenty five (25) months of age, if diagnosed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals to have *Severe or Crippling Hip Dysplasia and/or grade 3 abnormal elbows. Any female bred before hip certification VOIDS this portion of the guarantee.
*Proof of disgnosis by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)is mandatory.

Special Warranties: Must be initial by Seller.

1._______That the above dog is free from disqualifying faults described in the AKC Breed Standard.

2._______That the above dog will OFA certify Fair or better. Must be submitted by 25 months of age. Any female bred before hip certification VOIDS this portion of the guarantee.

3._______Pups sold on Limited Registration may have the registration changed to Full Registration for an additional $250.00. Dogs over two (2) years of age must show proof of hip and elbow certifications.

*In the event the above described dog does not meet with the standards of this Guarantee, I Seller, will replace this animal with one of equal value or refund half the purchase price as soon as possible (Seller's Choice). You are NOT required to return your dog to recieve an adjustment. The original dog must be spayed or neutered prior to reciept of a new puppy, dog or monetary refund. Proof from a veterinarian must be provided.

** A copy of this guarantee must be signed by BUYER and returned to Seller for this Guarantee to be valid.

** This Guarantee is to original Buyer ONLY and is VOID if this dog transfers to a new owner.

** All shipping expenses are the reponsibility of the Buyer.

**Seller is in no way liable to be charge anymore than the cost of the puppy for any reason if litigation were to arise. Any court proceedings will be held in Sellers County of Mineral, Montana.

** This is the complete agreement of this contract, NO other agreements were expressed or implied.

Agreed upon this date:_____________